Forensic Pathology

This is my Forensic Pathology lecture given in a forensics class about what a Medical Examiner does to determine the cause of death.  It also describes several of the methods used to estimate postmortem interval, or how long it has been since someone died.

Topics include:

  • Roles in the crime lab
  • Algor Mortis
  • Rigor Mortis
  • Livor Mortis
  • Autopsy

The prezi above is available for free and there is a student note-guide available in my TPT store:

Pathology PPT and Student Note Guide

In Practice…

This lecture takes approximately 75 minutes depending on how much detail and examples are given.  It is good to use in a Forensics course in high school or introductory college level setting.  I use this in my Human Remains unit where we also discuss Forensic Anthropology (or bones!)

Another activity that the students enjoy with this topic is the virtual autopsy.