Photosynthesis Lecture Notes & Note Guide

Photosynthesis Sample Slide
This PowerPoint presentation and student note guide handout contains 20 slides introducing Photosynthesis and a 7-page handout for students to fill in during the lecture. I have used it with Freshmen and Sophomore Biology classes. It includes the role of photosynthesis, the conversion of light energy to chemical energy, and producers in our environment. It then describes the overall photosynthesis reaction and the highlights of the light-dependent and light-independent reactions, ending with the Calvin Cycle.

Normally this presentation with class discussion would fill a 90-minute block in my classroom.

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Photosynthesis Resources

leaf_pattern_by_ccplazza-d56m8egThe following links are photosynthesis topics that I have used in my classes:

Is there another resource that you like to use in your class?  Please share in the comments! Thanks