Micropipettor Basics

This is a 45-65 minute activity that has students practice measuring small amounts of liquid using a micropipettor. Micropipettors are a new standard tool in laboratories and if you are lucky enough to have them in your classroom then this activity will get your students started in proper measuring technique before that first real lab that requires them to measure microliters of materials. The .zip file includes both a word file and pdf for your use in class. You can download them and use them as is. Students learn proper measuring technique, practice some sample measurements with water, and then create a rainbow by designing a procedure for measuring very small amounts of different colored water into 6 different microtubes in order to create a rainbow of either increasing volumes, decreasing volumes, or equal volumes in each tube. A sample answer key is included!

Equipment required:Micropipettor

  • Micropipettors (I have a set of 6 p20 micropipettors that accurately measure from 2-20 microliters)
  • Pipet tips
  • Microtubes (1.5mL)
  • Food coloring (stock solutions of colored water)

You can get micropipettors from any vendor that you choose.  I’ve included the following links to micropipettors that will work with this activity only to help you – Bio-rad, Sargent Welch, Edvotek.  The handout can be edited to match different models.

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