Forensics: Fingerprinting Lecture & Note Guide

This is my lecture given in a forensics class about collecting and analyzing fingerprints.  It describes some of the history of fingerprinting, people involved in major discoveries, and how fingerprints are use in a forensic investigation.  There is an embedded youtube video in the prezi and the powerpoint about IAFIS, the FBI’s database of fingerprints.  The content in the prezi and powerpoint are identical so it is just a matter of choice for the teacher.  Do you want to use the free prezi or purchase the powerpoint from my TPT store?

Topics include:

  • Fingerprint technology through history
  • Formation of fingerprints
  • Collection of fingerprints
  • Comparison of fingerprint patterns
  • AFIS fingerprint database

The prezi above is available for free and there is a student note-guide available in my TPT store, plus a powerpoint version of the prezi if you prefer that format:

Fingerprinting note guide for free prezi Fingerprinting PowerPoint lecture and student note guide

In Practice…

This lecture takes approximately 60 minutes depending on how much detail and examples are given.  It is good to use in a Forensics course in high school.

This topic follows Crime Scene Protocols in my forensics curriculum.  The unit topics up to this point in the course are:

  • Introduction to Forensics
  • Crime Scene Protocols
  • Fingerprint Evidence

Check out the Forensics page for a full list of resources available for a Forensic Science course.